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August 2010

With the impending release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5: The Ugly Truth, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Ice Cream Truck will again be touring the country. Last year one truck visited 40 locations, and this year two trucks will visit even more (52 total).

The tour will begin on August 15 and end August 28 with stops from Florida to the Midwest to Canada. Although Jeff Kinney will not be present at the stops, it will still be a pretty awesome opportunity. The truck will be giving out purple treats at each location and Abrams will donate a children’s book to nonprofit organization First Book for each treat distributed. You get ice cream and someone in need gets a book! I’m particularly excited because one of the stops is only 10 minutes from where I live.

You can get the full details from Publishers Weekly and even see an agenda of where the Wimpy Kid Truck will be and on what days.


It’s official! The fifth installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is going to be titled “The Ugly Truth.” We do not yet know much about the plot except the tagline that we keep seeing–“This Fall…Everything Changes.” We also previously reported a bit of a teaser from the author: “I feel like everything in the series has been leading up to the fifth book, which is about change and the different ways Greg and his best friend, Rowley, deal with it,” said Jeff Kinney. “To me, this book is the linchpin in the series, and I’m excited to be writing it.”

You can pre-order diary of a Wimpy Kid 5 now, and it will be released on November 9.

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